2023 Will Not Be A Bad Year For 20% of Realtors in London Ontario

January 11, 2023

The 10-20% of London Realtors who did well in 2022 will do well in 2023 because they know what drives their business, not busyness!

Top Realtors do this a minimum of five days a week:

  • Prospect
  • Call past clients
  • Post and blog content daily
  • Do a video daily
  • work

If a Realtor is not doing well today, I know what they did not do six months ago!

These five tasks are not fancy, glamorous, fun, or easy and may not make you independently wealthy overnight, but consistently, great results will happen.

For that 80 – 85 % who whine, complain or are lazy, if you keep doing what you were doing, you will keep getting the same results.