About Us


At present we are a small team consisting of two Realtors and one administrative person. As well, presently we use the services of Sutton Preferred for our reception, a listings specialist, a trades specialist and two accounting administrators. 

Virtually we contract out :

  • A call centre company specializing in following up with our 500 + active contacts
  • A highly ranked SEO company
  • A client care specialist for our websites
  • Two real estate coaching platforms
  • A social marketing specialist

We rely on systems and the daily and weekly support of our providers that enable us to achieve results equal to a team of ten people. Our focus is to be a team of 5-6 Realtors who are part of an exceptionally active, efficient & profitable real estate team brokerage in London and South West Ontario that consistently outperforms the market with client satisfaction.

Ty Lacroix Broker of Record             Michael Theisen Realtor          Client Coordinator


  • To ensure our clients sell their homes quickly & efficiently and buy homes effectively and efficiently. 
  • To ensure management, staff & associates have a secure future, can grow and are compensated well.
  • To ensure that our support providers are respected and have the same core values that we do.

Our Daily Vision 

We attract real estate buyers and sellers

Our brokerage attracts, we do not chase.  Excelling in real estate fundamentals is the foundation for lasting success; we are more a councillor than the traditional salesperson.

To stand out as unique to clients, staff, agents, vendors and support & competition, we must ensure value-added perception to everything we do and to everyone we meet. We must amaze and wow everyone at all times.

To know we are on track, we have the following benchmarks

  • Financial 
  • Emotional (the impact the brokerage will have on everyone who comes in contact with it)
  • Performance
  • Client & Agent  (Who are they? Why do they come to me? What will we give them that no one else will?)
  • Employee & Associates (How do we grow people? How do we find people who want to grow? How do we create a program that will teach our people skills they cannot learn anywhere else?)
  • Our benchmarks reflect the position the company hold in the minds & hearts of our clients, employees & salespeople and how we make that position a reality through the systems we have developed.                   

What do we need to know? What is the brutal truth we ask each day?

  • How do prospective buyers and sellers perceive us?
  • How do prospective real estate agents perceive us?
  • Who are our competitors?
  • What effect do real estate commissions have on our future?
  • What is not working? How do we know?
  • Is what we are doing the most efficient way of doing it? If not, why?

We manage expectations

What are our Buyer client’s expectations?

  • To be understood
  • To be appreciated & respected
  • To be fully aware of everything that will enable them to make the right choice
  • We work for them
  • We have the negotiating skills
  • We have the same high standards when we refer a lawyer, home inspector or a tradesperson to them

What are our Seller client’s expectations?

  • That we can sell their home quickly and for the best price
  • Confidence
  • Convenience vs inconvenience
  • Skills in Marketing
  • Negotiating skills
  • Safety 

What are our Employee expectations?

  • To belong, to be appreciated
  • To be compensated well
  • Security
  • To be able to contribute
  • Pleasant work environment, both physical & emotionally

What are our Support expectations?

  • We refer good people
  • We refer lots
  • We are not too demanding or expect miracles

What are our vendors’ expectations?

  • We pay them on time
  • We are not overly demanding
  • They can expect more business from us