Are We The Right Fit?

   We Are Looking for That Exceptional Realtor. Is That You?


  • Currently licensed by RECO or enrolled or finished the last educational phase
  • You have exceptional listening skills, above-average problem-solving ability, and the determination to build a solid personal business practice over time.
  • Attention to detail
  • Willing to learn & acquire necessary basic business management skills as you advance in building your career
  • Ability to organize & prioritize your time, both business & personal
  • Have a sense of urgency when dealing with clients & REALTORS® to ensure everyone that you value their time & business & that your focus is on your real estate business.
  • Be willing to work.
  • You understand that real estate is a business, not a job, and you will set goals that stretch your comfort zone.


  • You are willing to learn the latest in attracting quality clients. Developing a client-based business in real estate takes time & you must be committed to creating, processing, cultivating & maintaining an active client/prospect database & networking to find new & repeat buyers & sellers constantly
  • You are looking for business every day & you continually create reasons for people to hear from & see you.
  • Empathy is key, to having the ability to be an attentive and patient listener to help people make good decisions.
  • You accept responsibility for your successes & failures. You will have to maintain a strong posture as you will have setbacks and, sometimes, more no’s than yes’s. Determination & continuous patient effort is required. You understand & appreciate the cyclical nature of the real estate business.
  • You acknowledge that learning & growing is a life skill. You continually keep yourself up to date with technology, real estate trends, training & the demands of a fast-paced, competitive marketplace.
  • You have above-average income expectations.

hustle as a Realtor in London Ontario


Your income is based on commissions received after a successful transaction.

We have structured a program to get you earning income within 45-60 days or less & you must appreciate that your income will depend on your discipline & work habits.

Being a successful Realtor is not easy; you will be making sacrifices in time & energy, and it will be intense; however, after two years, you will be one of the highest skilled and experienced sales representatives in The London St.Thomas Association of Realtors (LSTAR).

We have created an effective screening program to ensure that those who join us will succeed and be a good fit.

we work hard as Realtors in London Ontario







The Process

Our interview starts with a conversation about the above topics, and at the end, you and I will decide if we want to move to the next step.

NOTE: Our process for interviews is for both of us to see if there may be a fit for both of us;  I am a believer that if you and I are going to trade our life energy in going forward, we both deserve outstanding results!

Please reach out to me today; discretion is honoured and respected.

For change to happen, you have to take a chance