As a Realtor in London, Ontario, Allow Your Personality To Work For You!

September 7, 2023

How to get home buyers and sellers contact you in London Ontario

Personal Marketing done right is the most significant source of business for Realtors.  Done wrong, Personal Marketing can be your worst source of anguish, pouring money into marketing that gets few results. A pervasive and highly costly misconception about personal marketing is that most marketing takes time to work and six months or longer to see results. Not True!

Personal marketing is your key to long-term and continuously increasing success.  I have found that most of what a Realtor knows or taught about marketing, from the beginning and throughout their career, does not work or does not work well.  The challenge for most is maximizing the number of people who think of you as your Realtor when it is time to buy, sell or refer.

The goal is to be first in a home buyer’s or seller’s mind. 

When anyone who knows you thinks of Real Estate, your name should come to mind.  Then, by definition, a Realtor’s marketing must always contain a potent reminder of you and your expertise in real estate. When marketing pieces or campaigns lack these two elements, they are off-message.  The results of these “off message” pieces and campaigns are most often minimal and disappointing.

Ego ads, ego videos and ego social marketing are a no-no!

Hopefully, most Realtors are conducting a somewhat successful Sphere of Influence and Past Client campaigns.  Designing these campaigns will include the telephone, emails, texts, letters or postcards and social media content that extolls your expertise.

Start with a Sphere of Influence/Past Client campaign because it has the most significant potential and consistently earns the greatest return.  Well-designed marketing works.  And it works immediately.  Your goal is that each ‘touch’ received receives an acknowledgement.  That means that one or more people call you.  Some will call to connect.  Others will call to list or sell or tell you to get lost, which is fine, too; you want people who want you!

You’ll need to consider the design and make any changes if you get no response.  Always make changes if you send a similar design twice without a response.  Add or change a headline.  Strengthen your call to action.  Make your note more compelling.

Raising Response and Return

Your Sphere of Influence/Past Client assorted campaigns will drive people to your website.  Or better, it can drive people to particular pages of your website.  You can “show off” your latest tools for virtual tours, mapping, tips, news, and the never-ending variety of new web tools and services available.

Your website is only as good as your ability to drive people to it. Personal Marketing done right is your most significant source of business.  Design your marketing based on the principles and ideas above.

If you don’t know how or find the above daunting, reach out to me, I can help you!