As a Realtor in London Ontario, Are You a Commodity ?

August 1, 2023

Beware of Being a Commodity as a Realtor in London Ontario

Good and hard-working Realtors in London, Ontario, and the area are now paying the price for being a commodity instead of creating a business sought after year in and year out that puts them in total control over their fate.

Commodity: A product is a commodity when all production units are identical, regardless of who produces them

What is the perception of a Realtor? When there are hundreds to choose from and hundreds of brokerages, how do you separate yourself as another Realtor?  As a consumer advocate? As an expert advisor?

Pushy Realtors

As a Predator? No matter how “good you think, you are,” most prospects are leery of salespeople, resistant and distrusting of anything they say.

Look around your real estate board because 50% won’t be there in one or two years. Most Realtors try to help their clients. However, they do not receive the respect they deserve. Instead, they are grouped in one of Canada’s lowest-respected professions!

Instead of chasing and doing and saying what everybody else is doing, why not attract? Why do dogs chase cars? Have you ever seen one catch one? Now what?

By catering to a select, narrowly-focused niche market, using different and original strategies, positioning, not prospecting, helping, not chasing, advocating not a salesperson but delivering benefits beyond just ‘commoditized’ real estate services.

Many Realtors spend as much time apologizing to their spouse, son, daughter and friends for missing or being late to ball games; school plays, birthday parties, and even wedding anniversaries as they do selling homes! Every time they have to “take this call,” they shake their heads sadly and say, “It’s just how my business works.”

Or, how many of you have heard the following?

  • What is your commission?
  • Will you reduce your fee if you bring your buyer and they buy my house?
  • ___________ sold my friends’ place for __________%, will you?
  • I only want to work with the seller’s Realtor!
  • You fill in the blanks ________________________________

Professionals do not chase, reduce fees, beg or whine; they offer above-average care, knowledge, skills and the strength to say no!

What about you?