Why your mobile phone is one of the best tools for Realtors

Why Your Phone Is Your Optimal Real Estate Tool

Do you want your database to be YOUR database or just a bunch of contacts you send information to, hoping to get some business, but if they chose a Realtor, it would be your competitor instead of you? Here’s the differentiator; the telephone. Realtors continue to move further and further ...

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switching rea estate brokerages in London Ontario

Why Would An Experienced Realtor Join Another Brokerage In London Ontario

  What is an experienced Realtor looking for when choosing which brokerage they work for? Most say fees, commission splits, support, or switching is too embarrassing. It is all about value! The only costs, fees, or splits that don’t work for Realtors are those in a company that doesn’t give ...

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The more information you have about your real estate contacts, the larger your business

The Most Valuable Asset For a Realtor in London Ontario Part 2

The Most Valuable Asset For a Realtor in London, Ontario Part 2 If you missed Part 1, here it is What kind of database should you consider using?                   There are public databases and specialized databases for our industry.  Either one will ...

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Attracting Clients as a Realtor in London Ontario

The Most Valuable Asset For a Realtor in London Ontario Part 1

The single most valuable asset in your business as a Realtor isn’t your cell phone,  car or brokerage. It’s your Golden List of past clients, friends, family, acquaintances, hot leads, etc., who can bring you new clients, referrals and repeat business. Your golden list will determine your market share and how well you do ...

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