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What Questions Should I Ask In My Real Estate Interview?

There are 97 questions you should ask when interviewing real estate companies or teams before joining them as a Realtor in London, Ontario. If I were ever to switch to a real estate brokerage, the 97th question I would want to get answered first! Are you in the real estate ...

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Indecision, A Dearth And Slow Death Of Real Estate Success

Indecision & lack of attention is costly, including stress, time, energy and money!External interrupters and interruptions, busy being busy, how to do this and how do do that, comparing ourselves to others, let alone our biases, habits & beliefs is overwhelming as we try to apply logic, reasoning or compromise. ...

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Why Would An Experienced Realtor Join Another Brokerage In London Ontario

  What is an experienced Realtor looking for when choosing which brokerage they work for? Most say fees, commission splits, support, or switching is too embarrassing. It is all about value! The only costs, fees, or splits that don’t work for Realtors are those in a company that doesn’t give ...

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