Changing Brokerages

Changing from one real estate brokerage in London, Ontario, to another can be scary and uncomfortable, but it should not be embarrassing, a sign of indecision, disloyalty or a quitter!

Sometimes, things need to be the right fit. Or people! Or principles! Or culture and I am not talking about race, colour or sex; I am talking about a culture of growth, improvement, success, and doing things right!

Right, for who?

Your Client is who!

Do what is in your client’s best interest to the best of your ability. That may mean telling them what they don’t want to hear, and if they leave or ghost you, you will sleep very well; over time, clients will refer and flock to you because of your integrity!

But What Is That Got To Do With Changing Brokerages?

Everything! In London, Ontario, we have some great real estate brokerages who have some great Realtors; it is the incongruency of consistency of calibre and mindset of the brokerage, management, administration and their Realtors.

After Realtors get their license, they are gung ho and will change the world until reality sets in that this business is not as glamorous or easy as they thought it would be. Most need more accountability, and that may be why they got into real estate themselves, to be their boss and not have to account to anybody, no 9-5, do this, do that regimented day to day grind!

What about accountability to your family, spouse, mate, client, food on the table, pay taxes, and so on?

Sometimes, a different environment will make the difference, but running motivated in the wrong direction is still the wrong direction or for some, they love marinating in comfort.

Warren Buffet said: “It does not matter how hard you row, it matters what boat you are in!”