Objections To Switching Real Estate Brokerages

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As in all my marketing and training, I pre-empt objections by openly bringing them up; here are a few.

I don’t want to move at this time. (Too busy.)

As a successful, busy agent, there is never a good time to make a move. The good news is we can help make the transition easier. The sooner you can move, the sooner we can implement your new plan.

I am loyal to my Broker/Office. (I’m happy where I am at.)

I respect your loyalty, so I am interested in working with you. Let’s be honest; if you got the needed support, would you even be reading this now?

I don’t want to leave my friends.

If I could demonstrate that we are not only a good fit for you but it would also be good for them, how would you feel about bringing them to meet me?

I don’t want to deal with the hassle of changing companies.

I understand entirely; that is why we can help you with the transition and costs. Let’s go over a transition plan.

I don’t know how I can support myself without leads. (My broker gives me leads.)

What percentage of your leads are coming from your company? What is your split on those leads? (Figure out your commission.) Would you consider joining if I could show you how to generate more income, or if you need leads, we can give you qualified quality buyers now?

Your company costs more than I pay now. (I don’t want to pay ______.)

It would be best to increase revenue, not simply cut your expenses to make more money. It doesn’t matter if your expenses are $0 if you are not generating enough income, and I will show you how to make enough money so the additional expense won’t matter. It does not matter what the splits are; 100% of nothing is nothing!

I could sell more homes if I were with a better-known company.

You’re right! CREA statistics show that consumers choose an agent by the company only 5% of the time. So if we can show you how to increase your business by 20%, would you be OK with a lesser-known company?

Note: If you need to be at your potential income level and lifestyle, why struggle another year? Winners do not struggle; they find a way!