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Q: Would your strategies and plans take 1-12 months to implement? What if I need an income now?

A: Yes and NO- but within 1 -12 months, we WILL fully install the Envelope Strategy in your business. To be clear, everything you'll need to implement the Envelope Method is available on day one. Unlike most programs, I do not "slowly leak" content or withhold it from month to month - as a ''tease" to get you to stay with me. So some agents will dive-in, pedal to the floor and be fully operational in a month or two; others will progress more slowly, choosing to implement the different, multiple systems sequentially opposed to simultaneously.

Further, the reason I say this is a "1- 12-month Program" is because this is a thorough Method, and promising "overnight millionaire" or superstar status as many brokerages do best, is negligently worst, untrue. I'm sure I could recruit more agents, doing as THEY do, promising overnight riches, offering social events, but bluntly, I believe that is delusional and not very wise.

So just to clarify, from day one, you will have all the training necessary, be provided every vital tool- for attracting niche clients (from several provided/recommended niches), for advertising and marketing, for setup, for stimulating referrals,, the complete Systems and all related marketing/positioning tools: ready-to-use ads, sales letters, the 12-page New Agent Report (and, although I don't encourage it, some say this Report is the only tool they're using to convert cold-prospect to clients- and getting amazing results), the client application system, website templates, scripts, powerPoint Presentations and so on - to once and for all- forge your own network of power, respect and authority.

The most important thing to know is that your decision to join our team is not just a "come on" or "first step" of a series of steps in selling you one thing after another, or letting you squander away your life or getting you to blow your budget or sell your children! It is ''free-standing." That means you get all the direction and training you need.

I know this sounds like a lot to learn. I tell every agent who joins us to take it in, in bite-sized chunks. You will receive a QUICK-START manual that puts everything in the "roadmap context" and helps you start with a few things that deliver immediate results. 

Note: Envelope Real Estate Brokerage Inc. is not in the real estate agent business; we are in the real estate transactional business!

Q: What about if there is another Realtor working your team system? Am I too late?

A: No. Because there are many strategies that you can use to fit your personality, there are four, in some cases, nine niches (depending on certain factors that I explain) in every marketplace, where I recommend putting the Envelope Method to work to make you successful. I have no grandiose idea about radically revolutionizing our entire profession and the status and reputation of every agent - in fact, I only care to work with a small team.

Operating a 'swine farm,' focusing on volume and turnover as many gurus do, is of no interest to me.

I think it's pretty weak of some brokerages who tell you and hundreds of other agents to do the same thing over and over and in fact, what they did years ago, which is not pertinent in today’s market. This is why commoditization is so rampant. Every agent is taught the same, generic "bag of tools.”.

Q: How can I ease my skepticism and satisfy myself that you can help me and determine that I can do this?

A: As mentioned, this isn't a massive operation. I don't have a dozen assistants working for me. Nor do I have any "replacement brokers" for which you're pawned off on when you join us as a salesperson. 

Early in my career, before discovering what I know now, and recommended by my brokerage, I bought one of those $10,000 coaching programs from which I had a "coach" that was little more than a leaning post. He had no solutions.

No new strategies. The coaching system answers were all canned, scripted, repeated, old-tricks and more of the same -NO CUSTOMIZATION. And to make matters worse, I was promised coaching from one guy, the guru, but was pawned off and "sold" off to one of his student fill-ins classic "bait and switch." So rest assured you will be working, hearing from, and getting your answers and advice directly from me.

When you drill down to it: can YOU, will YOU do it? And get results? I'm afraid there is no right answer I can give. Only you can answer that. Only you can decide if you're sufficiently fed up with the way things are and enough worried about the future, to radically re-engineer your approach to real estate, to build a real business, rather than just a better mousetrap. 

Only you can know if you are lazy or disciplined; smart or dull; a "flit-about" hopping from one seminar course or brokerage to the next in search of the magic pill or someone who is a diligent, sensible businessperson. 

What I can do, though, is provide guarantees. If you listen, if you apply yourself, do not try to re-invent the wheel, you will be successful.

how much does it cost to work with you?

Q: What are the costs - beyond your fees -in creating this kind of a great real estate business? How much money am I going to need?

A: If you're wondering if this is one of those franchise brokerages where you need the particular $400/month website and $300/month desk fees, high franchise fee, high printer/copy fees, etc., etc. - the ANSWER IS NO!! I “don’t blame you for being skeptical, you're right to ask the question. 

Please, let me and my unfortunate experience serve as your bad example. Learn from my mistakes.

When I started, since I had less than $1,000 bucks in my bank account, I printed, licked, sealed, placed a stamp and sent just a few letters a day. I know, I’m old because the email method was starting, I was one of the first to use it for marketing, and I don’t mean spam. I know that "magic" word sounds all "hype," but they certainly seemed magic to me. 

What you will find is, because you will be receiving proven marketing pieces: ads, sales letters, viral marketing tools, proprietary Free Reports, etc.  all your marketing is both more effective and efficient and done for you!

Result? Your marketing costs typically decrease significantly; we do 95% of it for you while your return on investment shoots up. Many of these strategies cost nothing to implement and produce immediate results - others, a couple of hundred bucks. 

If you're spending a ton of money on websites, farming, social media, magazines or bench signs, you're wasting money. Let me show you a better way. 

Most of you who are reading this are starting in real estate or are not happy with your income and present lifestyle. You know and understand you need guidance, coaching and perhaps at times, a kick in the butt!

Our team philosophy will not be for most of you who are stuck in the old-fashioned ways of real estate. Well, listen, folks, 100% of nothing is nothing, even until the cows come home!

Q: Why are you doing this at all? Why not just focus on your own business, and relax?

A: Again, I certainly understand the skepticism. There certainly is no shortage of "charlatans"; seminar givers and assorted self-anointed gurus in brokerages selling themselves and their information to agents because they must. The income from their commissions is slipping, so, hey, why not be a weekend guru? They see others' promoting re-hashed 20-year old leftovers, and other 1990's cold-prospecting techniques, and figure- hey, why not me too? 

Well, I do NOT need your money this week to pay last week's bills.

Why am I doing this at all?'' I have three right answers for you here:

See, probably like you, early in my real estate career- I was led down the primrose path. My broker taught me: long hours, stress, sacrifice, fatigue...60, 70, even 80 hour weeks,taking any client I could get (too often, ungrateful, disrespectful, low-quality bargain hunters more interested in me being their "whipping boy" than expert advisor and their taxi driver) empty cheque book and badly bruised self-esteem at the end of every week. 

I was told by some to advertise more and be patient, by others to work harder and be patient, by most to keep getting better as an agent and surely "my time would come"... that I just need to "get my name out there" more.

Early on, I joined several leads groups in hopes of getting referrals (I'll tell you a 'horror' story about this in a minute) but, what I discovered is, these groups were little more than 'support groups' for the struggling...more of a 'pity-party' and place to complain than anything else. 

The on-site brokerage training and ten-year-old marketing plans were not sufficient!

I attended a Chamber of Commerce meeting, only to discover nearly 70% of the people in attendance were real estate agents like me, in search of business, worse, we were all vultures competing for the same picnic basket.

I joined the Rotary club, the BBB, the London Property Managers Association, the London Chamber of Commerce and on and on. 

After months of this, I finally decided to bite the bullet and attend a high-priced seminar. Desperate, I ended up buying a $10,000 per year plus coaching program -here's what I learned: how to generate hundreds and hundreds of terrible leads. 

Using the unbranded advertising approaches I learned, which funny enough, not knowing any better at the time, I thought were revolutionary- I (regrettably) flooded my business with "wannabe" investors and buyers who didn't give a crap about my time, who stood me up, one appointment after another- and never bought a single property. 

Beyond struggling, I even went down the path of the "mind power secrets"-you know, the Tony Robbins stuff, mystically attracting clients and prosperity if only I could get my thinking right.

The fact is, these ''solutions" have been peddled since the days of the hula hoop back in the 1960s. In that time, the failure rate of agents hasn't improved one iota, the status of our profession hasn't improved, in fact, gotten worse, the security of agents hasn't improved, and the average # of homes sold by agents hasn't improved- and this suggests that the best way to stay a ''poor beggar" is to continue to tow this line and operate and promote a traditional real estate business.

In other words, it is a Very Big Lie. I am motivated - and to some extent, even feel morally obligated - to expose that Lie and share what I've discovered about an entirely different path. About a level of marketing, promotion, and positioning (not prospecting), I've been able perfect, using tons of time and past mistakes.

According to CREA’s annual study, the average median income for agents is around $36,700- but what's more telling is, agents with two years’ experience or less make just $8,600, while those with 16 years’ experience, only $53,900. When the majority of agents can't earn a decent living, it suggests a need for radical change.

Even garbage collectors earn between $35,000 to $80,000 per year- and their paycheques are as inevitable as the sunrise, no stress, no worry, no uncertainty, no "on-call" like a top surgeon minus the pay-go, pick up garbage, get paid.

 And they only work 40 hours a week, not 80. Personally, if I were taking all the risk and enduring all the pressure of being the provider to "bring home the bacon," and if after 16 years, I was only taking home $53,900 per year, I'd be embarrassed, depressed and angry.

It's just not acceptable. My wife used to work as an assistant to an Investment Advisor, and she nearly made more than this her first year. I have a friend, who is a car salesman, a neighbour, who runs a small bookkeeping service, a client, who is a flagger on a construction crew - and they all make more than the "16-year agent." Just how low on the totem pole should we be? And stay, year after year? I realize, hopefully, you are making well-above $50,000 per year, but it is evident just how flawed the traditional approach is, and you must ask, even if you are doing well, how much better could you be doing? 

Or get this, I had an agent speak with me the other day, he was with one of those franchise companies, he told me he made $96,000 last year, and his expenses were $77,000! Hmmm!

And what CREA's average numbers don't reflect is the growing percentage of agents who are in trouble, nearly the edge of the like a lunch-pail worker, living paycheque to paycheque or worse, watching the bills pile up. 

I recently had a former top producer at one of those pie in the sky brokerages tell me, almost in tears, that her one-time "strong referral" base is no longer referring enough...and feels helpless, with no control over her income, literally, at their mercy. Her home is mortgaged to the hilt, her credit cards maxed, and her nights sleepless, this is not uncommon.

Very dedicated agents and hard-working agents are living on the thin ice of scarce commission cheques and debt, now paying the price for having created a business dependent on others to bring them business, i.e. referrals -instead, of implementing a model that puts them in total control over their fate.

A TRAGEDY and I know for a fact it is not necessary, so I am strongly motivated to share a Different Way. And I don't just mean a Different Way regarding the way you attract more qualified and higher-paying clients, from "hidden" markets other agents don't even know exist-

I mean a different paradigm for TRANSFORMING YOUR ROLE and your position in the marketplace from being just another agent, to be in a position of strength, accepted as a consumer advocate, seen as an expert advisor.

We Have solutions to enhance your real estate career

I am a passionate advocate of agents, and I've never been more committed to helping regular folks succeed and thrive in these tough times. Every time I see another "best Kijiji ad" or..."just listed/sold postcard" strategy or..."better script & dialogue" technique or whatever the new "shiny object" of the week is, promising to revolutionize agents' businesses- knowing they'll all fail for one 'key' reason (I'll come back to this).. I believe this is an enormous fraud and misleading rhetoric, merely attempting to capitalize on the 'hope' and 'desperation' of agents...while gypsies get rich, leaving you...more frustrated, and further behind.

All these approaches have one thing in common: How to be a better Predator. Hint: Nobody likes to be hunted, not me, not you, not prospects. And so, they all fail for the same reason: They teach you how to be "a better, more aggressive salesman," but in reality, no matter how "excellent you are,"- prospects still HATE salespeople, resistant and distrusting of anything they say.

And just generating MORE leads won't change that. To MULTIPLY your income, you are best advised to increase your value to those who pay you money IN MULTIPLE WAYS- but sadly, this is not what "gurus" teach. They can only show you how to be "a better hunter" to tirelessly chase, sure only to keep you as a "poor beggar." THIS IS NOT JUST MY CONVICTION there are 30-plus years of proof, supported beyond a shadow of a doubt by · the constant % failure rate of our industry.

That means, look around your office, because 7 or 8 out of 10 won't be there next year. And while the majority of agents have always helped their clients achieve superior results, the cold, hard truth is, we do not receive the respect we deserve, instead, forced to labour as second class and third-class citizens, in one of Canada's lowest respected profession, because our models, taught to us by our brokers and so-called "experts" have let us down!

The Envelope Team Model changes all this, instead of chasing and just being a faster predator, you have an entirely NEW REPUTATION; one that attracts rather than repels. The others have not been "up to the task''. If it sounds arrogant, sorry, but MY model IS.

I believe by catering to a select, narrowly-focused niche market, by using radically new, different, unique strategies, positioning not prospecting, helping not chasing, advocate not a salesperson...delivering benefits beyond just 'commoditized' real estate approach is unique and quite superior to anything else available.

To be fair: Can you make good money doing things the 'old way,' just working harder? Sure, of course you can – but- Can you make the money you want, in a way that is pleasing to you, physically and emotionally rewarding to you, working with clientele that is respectful and appreciative of you, that gives you control over your time and income, that liberates you...etc., etc. doing as you're doing now?

Only you can answer that truthfully.

Second, I happen to know how slaving in traditional real estate business is a disease, like cancer, that damages, even destroys relationships, and perpetually disappoints loved ones and being, I have a method to cure this -it would be selfish not to share it- but giving it away is useless, hence our team.

 Anyway, in the early days, I lived in fear. When the phone rang, I popped tail like a good soldier and lurched forward like Pavlov's dog. If I didn't, I feared to lose a client. I feared not getting enough clients, feared not being able to pay my bills, feared appearing like a failure, feared to be unable to provide for my family, I was humiliated and embarrassed that my first thought, whenever asked "Want to go to dinner" was, "We can't afford it." Money was a daily fight. 

Eighty hour work weeks and I was still broke.

Of course, I'm not alone. This type of neglect, in one way or another, is a systemic plague. Many agents spend as much time apologizing to their spouse, son, daughter and friends for missing or being late to ball games, school plays, birthday parties, even wedding anniversaries as they do selling homes! 

Every time they have to "take this call," they shake their heads sadly and say, "it’s just the way my business works." I've walked in those shoes. I've been promised the moon by experts who guaranteed nothing and delivered less. 

I fought my way out of that place, so you don't have can use my Method as your own.

So, back to your question. Why wouldn't I share this? Initially, having seen my success, my agent-friends would come to me and ask me to teach them my secrets. I quickly discovered just letting them go and hang out for a day or just lecturing about this was inadequate. To speedily and painlessly put all the pieces together, they needed reference materials, training, coaching, support, marketing, and more.

As a practical matter, I could not deliver all that free unless I wanted to be Mother Theresa. A business was required, hence, Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate Brokerage Inc.

There is a better way, and I must be candid and blunt- it'd be selfish of me not to share it. At least with those interested, like-minded, and share similar goals.

Q: I can see it working for you - and others - but not me, because, what if I have only limited experience? What if I'm struggling to get by? What if my business is already thriving?

A: This is what I mean by "disqualifying yourself." Let it be known, before I pioneered these ideas for myself, I was just a plain-ordinary, bread and butter real estate agent who did his best grinding it out with hard manual-labour. Sure, I had persistence, and I refused to quit and worked hard, but I had no earthly idea "how to sell" or "get clients." So if I can do it, yes you can too.

Wherever you are, if you're serious about making a decent income in real estate, making a move to re-invent and transform your business to the futuristic, cutting-edge WHO-based model...being the only agent of your increase your value IN MULTIPLE WAYS to narrowly-focused group of niche clients, naturally from convincing to stop playing second fiddle to mega-agents and escape the worsening commoditization- this is all YOUR CHOICE.

Better yet, unlike most 'systems' and 'courses' everything is being updated regularly, more tools, better tools, are being added monthly to all

Now I Have A Question For You

If you continue on your present path, if you continue to practice as you are now, hunting down prospects as you are now, attempting to convince distrusting and skeptical prospects "of your difference" as you are now, against all the ills and evils of "Negative Reputation" and "Commoditization" destined only to grow worse - do you have rational reason for great optimism?

Can you honestly say your income's future is confident and secure? Can you see yourself achieving all your goals? - not just money-wise, but life and time-wise too?

If you can't say "yes" to MY questions, then please set your queries or doubts aside and try something different...very different yet proven.

After all, if the path you're on isn't leading you to where you want to go, the first thing you should want to do is to stop travelling on it further. You certainly don’t want to run down it faster! I know how difficult this can be; I faced this very same decision myself. 

Change is always difficult. When something is feeding your family and paying your bills·, and it's what you know, even if you can see it may be a dead-end, also if it's "killing you," there's a lot of worries, even fear, reluctance, procrastination and excuse-making about any change. But if not now- when? The great author Og Mandino wrote this:

“To be always intending to make a new and better life but never to find time or courage to set about it is as to put off eating and drinking and sleeping from one day to the next until you're dead."

Honestly, are you guilty of this?

Well, now, I am offering you a real opportunity. A plan that works with the help, coaching and support from me. To help you make these changes in your real estate business, re-inventing it to be free of the dog and pony show, successfully — a clear path in just 1-12 months, not some endless learning that meanders forever. 

I am personally committed to your way out of a perpetually losing battle, climbing increasingly steeper and steeper Mountains of Distress and committed to you have a new, better, more secure and more rewarding life as a real estate professional, given back control over your income, and treated with respect.

Fear of the unknown is intense and holds many people from living their ideal life. You already know how your existing business is performing, why not come over to the other side, have some fun, enjoy life and make some money to boot?

My real estate sales and clients all came about because of this one belief and something I truly believe in: "Attract, Don't Chase"!