Exasperated As a Realtor in London Ontario

May 30, 2023

Is Your Real Estate Career Not Going Well in London Ontario

Exasperated? Discouraged? Disappointed? Frustrated?

All four of these emotions (states) are natural signs of growth! Though not comfortable emotions, they should be looked at as lessons. I know, as hard as that is, think about it, something is not correct, and these are warning signals.

Is it something you are not doing? Overdoing? Are you comparing your current level of income to someone else in the business, or, in most cases, you are not grasping the fact that success, as in most things, takes some time and there are processes in place, real estate fundamentals that ignore how fast you can reach a goal.

It is easy to blame the market, the economy, the lack of this, the lack of that, your spouse, your pet, the weather, or the colour of socks your broker of record wears.

Are you procrastinating? Procrastination can be good if you look upon procrastination as a lesson; you are putting off something you are uncomfortable with.

An approach that you may want to think about is, and as hard as this might be, be grateful for the emotional lessons and apply those lessons. In one month, you will have gained 30 positive insights; in one year, 365!

Think about that, 3.65 times better than today, and I am not taking compounding into the equation; if I did, it would be 37.8 times an improvement!

Where would your business be? Your happiness?


If you are out there every day, there will be challenges. When they occur, create a solution. Part of winning is learning to deal with adversity and the unknown. Be flexible and handle obstacles as a gift.