Indecision, A Dearth And Slow Death Of Real Estate Success

July 26, 2023


Choices to make as a Realtor in London Ontari

Indecision & lack of attention is costly, including stress, time, energy and money!External interrupters and interruptions, busy being busy, how to do this and how do do that, comparing ourselves to others, let alone our biases, habits & beliefs is overwhelming as we try to apply logic, reasoning or compromise.

Dr. Barry Schwartz, psychologist and author of ‘The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less’, studied the correlation between endless choices and happiness. He writes that indecision is making us miserable! He writes: “Unfortunately, the proliferation of choice in our lives robs us of the opportunity to decide for ourselves and how important any given decision is!”

I can argue that free choice is a gift but perhaps because it is free, we don’t value the choices we make! Choosing to choose were words I read along time ago and remain with me to this day and I admit that all of my poor choices I was conflicted with internal and external influences and when I applied attention and focus on a choice, I made better ones!

Getting back to the dearth and slow death of real estate success,be it a Realtor, a home buyer or seller, an investor, builder or lender, look at all the choices we can make knowing that all have instant results or second or third consequences, good or bad. Not making a choice has a consequence, putting off a call has a consequence and sitting on the fence has a consequence!

What you focus on you receive, what you spend your attention on you tend to get!