Invigorate Your Real Estate Income As a Realtor in London Ontario Part 1

July 4, 2023

This four-part series is for Realtors in London, Ontario and the area who have some experience and are still struggling to earn an above-average income or are discouraged completely.

“It’s not a knowledge problem; it’s an execution problem!” Brian P Moran

Over the years, I have met some incredible Realtors who have done well in any market, as well, quite a few capable and knowledgeable Realtors who should be doing exceptionally well but don’t—knowing what to do and doing it and knowing how to do it and doing it and why should be easy.

Quite a few years ago, I was not doing the business I thought I could, so I worked longer, harder and became more discouraged! Running in the wrong direction is still the wrong direction!

So, I soon figured out it was not my work ethic, my appearance, or the brokerage I was then associated with, not the economy, it was me, and how I measured what got results, I applied Paretto’s law of 80/20 and eliminated busyness for business!

I was doing what everyone else was doing, listening to the wrong advice, comparing myself to others, imitating others, signing up for this coaching or the next shiny ‘new’ way of doing real estate ad nauseam and, as I said when I figured out that I hold myself accountable and real estate is a people business, help clients get what they want, and I will get what I want! Real simple.

Note: About Teams, Brokerages, Managers and Mentors

How do you know if the above is for you? Here are a few observations or lessons I have learned, seen or still frequently happen.

  • Telling and not showing- How many times have you been told to farm, door knock, mail this, call this list, call all your contacts, do this, do that, blah blah blah but not how or here what get’s me, they never did it and in most cases, if they did do it, they sucked at it!
  • They are in the witness protection program; they are not around when you need them or cannot reach them!
  • Don’t walk the talk
  • Ego. The era of you work for me, or the company is gone; a leader is about helping their team members and associates prosper, not being a servant.
  • No accountability. I heard someone say you can hold a baby or a bag of groceries, but you cannot hold someone accountable! Well, a leader can help set yardsticks and measurements and help you track your progress and keep you focused on your goals and future growth.

I have several other insights, but let’s stay with the basics.

Part 1:  Will implementing these concepts and plans take 1-12 months? What if I need an income now?

Within 1 -12 months, you can fully implement a business strategy for optimal success. Some Realtors will dive in, pedal to the floor and be fully operational in a month or two; others will progress more slowly, choosing to implement the different, multiple systems sequentially instead of simultaneously.

hustle as a Realtor in London Ontario

This  “1- 12-month Program” is immersive.

From day one, you will have all the assistance necessary and be provided with every vital tool- for attracting clients (from several recommended niches), for marketing, for setup, for stimulating referrals, etc., plus the complete Systems and all related marketing/positioning tools: ready-to-use ads, sales letters, the 12-page New Agent Report (and, although I don’t encourage it, some say this Report is the only tool they’re using to convert a prospect to clients- and getting excellent results), the client application system, a no-charge website, scripts, presentations to once and for all create a healthy financial future, respect and the capability to truly help others.

This is not a “come on” or “first step” of a series of steps in selling you one thing after another, letting you squander away your life or getting you to blow your budget or sell your children, dog, or cat! It is ”free-standing.” That means you get all the direction and training you need.

This sounds like a lot to learn, and I tell everyone to take it in bite-sized chunks. You will receive a QUICK-START manual that puts everything in the “roadmap context” and helps you start with a few things that deliver immediate results.

Note: Envelope Real Estate Brokerage Inc. is not in the real estate agent business; we are in the real estate transactional business!

Next week Part 2