Invigorate Your Real Estate Income As a Realtor in London Ontario Part 2

July 6, 2023

This four-part series is for Realtors in London, Ontario and the area who have some experience and are still struggling to earn an above-average income or are discouraged completely.

Reinvigorate Your London Ontario Real Estate Career

As a Realtor in London, Ontario, You Have Three Choices, Stay as you are and where you are, grow or stagnate!

Q: What’s so different about the Envelope Real Estate systems?

A:  I believe that systems and strategies should fit your personality; in total, there are nine niches in every marketplace that I can recommend putting the Envelope Method to work to make you successful.

I do not focus on recruiting agent volume and turnover, which is of no interest to me.

I think it’s pretty weak for companies to tell you and hundreds of other agents to do the same thing over and over and what they did years ago, which is not pertinent in today’s market. Now you know why commoditization is so rampant. Most Realtors use the same generic “bag of tools.” Unfortunately, most of the public sees real estate salespeople as a commodity, not an advisor.

Q: How can I ease my skepticism and satisfy myself that you can help me and determine that I can do this?

A: As mentioned, this isn’t a massive operation, and I don’t have a dozen assistants working for me. Nor are you passed on to “replacement brokers”  or, heaven forbid, “mentors” when joining our team.

Early in my career, before discovering what I know now and being recommended by the so-called gurus, I bought one of those $20,000 coaching programs from which I had a “coach” that was little more than a leaning post, and he had no solutions.

No new strategies. The coaching system answers were all canned, scripted, repeated, old tricks and more of the same -NO CUSTOMIZATION. And to make matters worse, I was promised coaching from one guy, the guru, but was pawned off and “sold” off to one of his student fill-ins­ classic “bait and switch.” So rest assured you will be working, hearing from, and getting your answers and advice directly from me.

When you drill down to it: can YOU, will YOU do it? And get results? I’m afraid there is no correct answer I can give. Only you can answer that. Only you can decide if you are not pleased with how things are and worried about the future to radically re-engineer your real estate approach and build a real business rather than just a better mousetrap.

Only you can know if you are lazy or disciplined, bright or dull; a “flit-about” hopping from one seminar course or brokerage to the next in search of the magic pill or someone who is a diligent, sensible businessperson.

What I can do, though, is provide guarantees. If you listen and apply yourself, do not try to reinvent the wheel; you will be successful.

Do you have it in you to be one of the best Realtors in London, Ontario? Could you find out? Call me at 519-435-1600.