Not Making Enough Money as a Realtor in London Ontario?

May 16, 2023

Can or Can't make it as a Realtor in London Ontario

In my many years as a Realtor in London, Ontario and a Broker/Owner, most Realtors know what to do, but don’t do it!

Sometimes it is the subsequent shiny thing syndrome and then the next and then the next month to something else and then the credit card gets maxed and you think that didn’t work, or too much money or some whiny-pant excuse.

Most systems work if you work them, and in my experience, there are no magical instant income-producing systems, ask any high-producing Realtor or watch them; they work hard and long and have put in the time to build their client base and the capabilities to earn!

Some Realtors are satisfied working their sphere of influence and with a yo-yo income stream and help from their spouse, parent or children!

For the part-timer, I applaud your intent to supplement your income, but if you do not have confidence in your capabilities as a full-time Realtor, do you expect your clients to have confidence in you?

I have no quick wealth ideas for a Realtor in London and if anyone says they do, what are they selling? Anyone applying real estate sales principles and emotional strength for three to twelve months can build a great solid base and exponentially compound their income.

Want to know how and why? Give me a call , 519-435-1600.

Ty Lacroix Broker of Record and Owner Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate Brokerage Inc