Realtors, Discouraged Now That The Market Has Changed?

November 24, 2022

Discouraged Realtor


If you feel discouraged, it’s probably the result of not completing one of your goals or tasks as you imagined you would. Ask yourself, “Did I do everything I should have done to accomplish this?” Are you just procrastinating? If so, what is the reason for the procrastination? Is this truly a goal you want to accomplish? If you have done everything you wanted at your desired level, you have no reason to be discouraged.

If you believe your expectations are realistic and are just not making progress, you need to figure out why. Do not blame the market! Take a look at what obstacles are hindering your progress. Have you identified all the obstacles? Have you listed appropriate tasks to overcome those obstacles?

What if my goals change?

The reality is most Realtor goals do change over time. Goals usually should change, at least a little, in response to things that change around you. Think back to what was essential to you five years ago or even one year ago. Are the same goals still essential now? Chances are, many of your short and medium‐term goals have either already been achieved, are no longer desirable, or need to be modified.

Don’t pretend to care about a goal if you’ve been procrastinating and it remains your goal.


Fear of Failure?

Fear of failure is genuinely frightening for many people, and often, Realtors do not try the things they want to. But the only absolute failure is the failure to attempt. If you don’t try, you gain nothing. Remember, failures weigh ounces; regrets weigh tons.

If you do try but fail, it is a learning experience for which you are probably a better person, with more knowledge and skill than before and now you are better equipped for the next attempt. Also, if you try and only partially succeed, you still have more success than before.

Actual Failure?

“Failure” only occurs when you fail to try in the first place or give up on a goal you want to achieve without first giving it your all. Missed deadlines are not failures; setbacks are not failures; unexpected challenges or changing priorities are not failures; these are all obstacles and ones you should be prepared for in advance. You only fail when you quit.

So long as you are actively pursuing your goal and following your plan, you haven’t failed. Every task you complete is an accomplishment. If the goals or tasks seem too difficult, then break them down into more simple tasks you’re sure to complete. It may seem ridiculous to break down something into a bunch of tasks, but in doing so, you will build momentum with each task completed.

Get comfortable being comfortable.

New Obstacles?

If you are out there every day, there will be challenges. When they do, create a solution to overcome that obstacle. Part of achieving goals is learning to deal with adversity and the unknown. Be flexible and handle obstacles in stride.


Do you think the task is necessary? All tasks should bring you closer to the completion of your goal. If a task seems too big to handle, ask yourself what obstacles are preventing you from completing the task. Consider breaking the task into smaller, more manageable pieces—even to the point where they seem ridiculously easy.

List a Goal’s Obstacles.

Part of the Envelope Team Systems’ goal-setting tactics efficiency comes from identifying obstacles between you and your goals. By identifying exactly what the obstacles are and creating a detailed plan to overcome them, you are creating a plan that will lead to success.

We do not care if you refer to obstacles as “challenges,” “opportunities,” or a pain in the butt. Whatever word you choose, the meaning is still the same. It stands between where you are and where you want to be. Once you have a solution, there’s nothing left to do but cross the finish line.