Realtors, Telling ain’t Selling!

December 3, 2022

Telling ain’t Selling.

You can make statements all day long, but telling clients what you do is not selling yourself and does not work 92.4% of the time; showing what you do is far more effective.

So always be sure to “show, don’t tell” whenever possible.

Instead of telling buyers how you can help them, show them examples and your checklists (don’t have a checklist? Shame on you). Show them your testimonials and reviews, and sales history. Show them how you research a property’s sales history and the neighbourhood and how you develop comparative properties to ensure your buyer client is making a good decision.

show clients what you do, don't tell them

Instead of telling home sellers what you do, show them your 100 or 200-point plan or steps you do to sell a home. Show them your stats! Show them your marketing strategies, show them your social media presence, show them, don’t tell them!

Again, telling isn’t selling; showing is!