Reinvigorate Your London Ontario Real Estate Career, Some Concepts Part 1

December 15, 2021

hustle as a Realtor in London Ontario

Part 1:  Do these concepts and plans take 1-12 months to implement? What if I need an income now?

A: Yes and NO- but within 1 -12 months, we WILL fully implement a business strategy for optimal success. To be clear, everything you’ll need to implement our system is available on day one. Unlike most, I do not “slowly leak” content or withhold it from month to month – as a ”tease” to get you to stay with me. So some Realtors will dive in, pedal to the floor and be fully operational in a month or two; others will progress more slowly, choosing to implement the different, multiple systems sequentially instead of simultaneously.

hustle as a Realtor in London Ontario

Further, I say this is a “1- 12-month Program” because this is a thorough Method, and promising “overnight millionaire” or superstar status as many brokerages do is, at best, is negligently misleading…at worst, untrue. I’m sure I could recruit more agents, doing as THEY do, promising overnight riches, offering social events, but bluntly, I believe that is delusional and not very wise.

So to clarify, from day one, you will have all the training necessary, be provided with every vital tool- for attracting clients (from several provided/recommended niches), for marketing, for setup, for stimulating referrals, etc. plus, the complete Systems and all related marketing/positioning tools: ready-to-use ads, sales letters, the 12-page New Agent Report (and, although I don’t encourage it, some say this Report is the only tool they’re using to convert a prospect to clients- and getting excellent results), the client application system, a no-charge website, scripts, powerPoint Presentations and so on – to once and for all- forge your network of power, respect and authority.

If you need additional help setting up, operating, or getting further advanced training, I am here for you.

The most important thing to know is that your decision to join our team is not just a “come on” or “first step” of a series of steps in selling you one thing after another, or letting you squander away your life or getting you to blow your budget or sell your children! It is ”free-standing.” That means you get all the direction and training you need.

I know this sounds like a lot to learn, and I tell everyone to take it in bite-sized chunks. You will receive a QUICK-START manual that puts everything in the “roadmap context” and helps you start with a few things that deliver immediate results.

Note: Envelope Real Estate Brokerage Inc. is not in the real estate agent business; we are in the real estate transactional business!

Next week Part 2