Struggling As A London Ontario Realtor?

Need help? Why are you on the sidelines as a Realtor in London, Ontario?

Are you struggling as a Realtor in London, Ontario? Long hours and little income? Are expenses too high? No Clients?   We can help your career and lifestyle improve exponentially.


  • You Have To Work
  • Leave Your Ego At Home
  • Forget Everything You Think You Know About Real Estate
  • Courage
  • Take 100% Responsibility & Ownership of Your Actions & Thoughts (No Excuses)
  • Stop Being Your Old Good Intentioned, But Ineffective Self
  • Sit Down With Me For An Hour
  • Be a Realtor & a Member of LSTAR

  One of my favourite passages that Steven Pressfield wrote in his book “The War of Art,” which I will now butcher his passage:

We don’t tell ourselves, “I’m never going to earn $150,000 in real estate commissions”; instead, we say, “I’m going to earn $100,000 to $150,000 in real estate commissions; I’m just going to start tomorrow!”


“Any fool can learn from experience; the trick is to learn from other people’s experience.” Bismark 

Remember: When opportunity knocks at the front door, most people slip out the back door because they are not ready and as Robert M Pirsig wrote:

“It’s a puzzling thing, the truth knocks on the door & you say, ‘go away, I’m looking for the truth,’ and truly does what you just asked it to do, it goes away!”

Income equals what you give; if your commissions are average, you only give average.

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There’s a sad statistic that haunts the real estate community.  I’m sure you’ve heard about it.  It’s the dismal failure rate of well-intentioned people who enter real estate.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Realtor in London Ontario

But even worse than the failure rate is (what I call) the “Catch-22  rate” of agents who can squeak out a living but never excel in the profession.  It seems you’re making too much money to quit and not enough to call it a lasting profession. What a quandary!

Many Realtors lack the business-building skills required for success; most problems stem from the lack of understanding of how to approach real estate from a “strategic” perspective.

Most agents are “single transaction-oriented.” They’re always looking for the next deal…the next client…the next commission.  This “quick fix” attitude is pervasive in every sales profession and is salespeople’s leading cause of failure.

There is no secret to success in real estate because it is pretty simple! Add value, solve a problem, ease pain and protect your client!

Shatter sales records with us!

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