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The Difference Between Average And Successful Realtor

You can read all the books you want, go to all the seminars you want, watch all the videos you want, get a coach, go to a shrink, Uncle Bob, get high; it doesn’t matter; consistency is what counts. That late Jim Rohn, a wise blunt provocateur always said: “Some ...

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Invigorate Your Real Estate Income As a Realtor in London Ontario Part 1

This four-part series is for Realtors in London, Ontario and the area who have some experience and are still struggling to earn an above-average income or are discouraged completely. “It’s not a knowledge problem; it’s an execution problem!” Brian P Moran Over the years, I have met some incredible Realtors ...

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Telling ain’t Selling.

Telling ain’t Selling. You can make statements all day long as a real estate salesperson, but telling clients what you do is not selling yourself and does not work 92.4% of the time; showing what you do is far more effective. So always be sure to “show, don’t tell” whenever possible. Instead ...

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