The Most Valuable Asset For a Realtor in London Ontario

November 15, 2021

Attracting clients to your real estate business in London Ontario

The Most Valuable Asset For a Realtor in London Ontario

Part 1

THE single most valuable asset in your business as a Realtor isn’t your cell phone,  your car or your brokerage.

It’s your Golden List of past clients, friends, family, acquaintances, hot leads, etc., who can bring you new clients, referrals and repeat business.

Your golden list will determine your market share and how well you do as a Realtor; no golden list, no market share.

Influence marketing starts with a data base

With no market share, you’re destined for a real estate career of frustration and disappointment and struggle in this business.  That’s because REALTORS® who are relationship-driven will leave the competition in the dust!

So if your “golden list” is the most valuable asset of your business, then the second most valuable asset in your business is your Golden List Tracking System.

You create your Golden List Tracking System using a simple database or a contact manager / CRM system as your foundation. There are many available for Realtors, some better than others, some for a few dollars a month, some for hundreds, do not cheap out! At Envelope, we use two systems that are at no cost to our team members.

Your database will allow you to have a more personal relationship with a more significant number of people.  And remember, nothing distinguishes you better and makes you beneficially different from every other agent than a deep, personal, and genuine relationship.

Your database will also allow you to keep your contact consistent and regular – so you never fall behind and lose market share.  Plus, it will enable you to “track and categorize” your clients and other golden list members so you can have more targeted contact with them.

So, for example, if you want to send a personal birthday card to a golden list member or a  home anniversary promotion, or even send a special letter to your “Top 20% Power Players” who have referred to you in the past (you’ll learn more about his shortly)…your database lets you do it in a snap.

But your Power List Tracking System is MORE than a database…

It also includes using a “word processor” so you have a tool to put the database to work for you. The most common word processor on the planet is Microsoft Word – you probably already have it.

What can you do with your Power List Tracking System?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Want a list of all the people who sent you a referral in the past year?
  • Want a list of your power list members living in a particular subdivision?
  • Want to manage your farming mailing list and contacts?
  • Want a list of everyone who has a birthday in February so you can send them a card?
  • Want to know who your highest quality clients are – so you can have a special event for them?
  • Want to pull a list of all the leads you need to follow up with and call today?

It’s all at your fingertips with your Golden List Tracking System.

Imagine creating a personalized letter to each one of your golden list members (or even your target farm) – and it took you just minutes to start using “merge” fields (from your database) in your letter.

And this is important.

You can also include technical information from your database into your letters – such as their subdivision, home anniversary date, names of referrals they’ve sent you in the past, and more.

Any information you want to track is accomplished with your database.  With a database, you can make personalized contact with hundreds of people in minutes. That’s called efficient leverage!

Watch for Part 2: What kind of database should you consider using?