The Only Act As a Realtor You Need to Know

September 12, 2023

Attract Convert Trade

When I Googled “How to be a successful Realtor,” within 0.39 seconds, I got 37,300,000 results! Well, I’m sure if you read all of them, you would learn a few things that may help, but unless there is action, nothing happens!

In a nutshell, this is the only ACT you need to know:

A   Attract buyers and sellers

C    Convert to clients

T     Trade means completing a real estate transaction, doing a trade.

So, that’s it, folks, nothing fancy, romantic, courageous, costly or dramatic. Do those three things well, and voila, you will not have to read 39 million ideas, pay thousands of dollars for a guru (who most likely hasn’t done a real estate trade in years) or go to a weekend retreat where everyone is BS’ ing everyone else on how well they do!

I may be ranting or being too simple, but I have been called worse! Ask yourself, “If I focused on ACT, where would my business be in six months, twelve months or two years?