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Welcome to this site! I have built this site not only to attract like-minded Realtors to join our brokerage but to offer a site where any Realtor can visit without signing their life away to get some valuable tips and ideas on how they can improve their business, build financial independence and enjoy their life energy that real estate sales will gladly expend!


It is pretty sad, a tragedy that 80-90% of new Realtors leave the business within two years. After five years, another 50%-60% underestimate the time, energy, effort and finances to build a sustainable business.

The second reason is that those who leave the business too soon is that they did not treat their real estate career as a business. If you were going to open up a shoe store or a clothing shop, you would need a building to rent or buy thousands and thousands of dollars in inventory and equipment and be open 6-7 days a week.

The third is handling losses, disappointments, discouragement and immature expectations that real estate sales are glamorous or easy!

Whose fault is that? Before anyone makes excuses or blames their brokerage or management, the economy or the market, perhaps facing the reality that true, long-lasting success in anything is not easy.

Can or Can't make it as a Realtor in London Ontario

I believe these two mantras are so true:

” Nothing happens to me; it is because of me!”.

“How I do anything is how I do everything!”

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