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Unlock Your Potential as a Realtor in London, Ontario

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As a Realtor in London, Ontario and the area, you have many hats: marketing, lock boxes, showings, managing your social pages, blogging, prospecting, banking (I hope), researching the market, emails, follow-ups and on and on.

I believe our Realtors should spend their time doing what they do and love the best, helping clients get what they want!

training is ongoing with Envelope Real Estate Brokerage Inc

Everybody talks about training, coaching, meetings, plans, and goals, which is all fine and dandy, but you know what? If you are not out showing or listing homes, everything else means diddly-squat!

A correctly laid out business plan is not some pie-in-the-sky dream that you do once and then look at 12 months from now. This plan is your foundation, created by the best business coaches and monitored! You would pay up to $18,000 per year individually for this in-depth career builder.


To succeed as a Realtor,  we have a support team that helps grow your business and ensures your paperwork and filings are done for you!

The good old domino effect, we help you make money, we make money, you don't, we don't

We believe a real estate brokerage should only make money if their Realtors make money!


Being organized and offering value as a Realtor and a real estate brokerage in London will make or break a business. That is why we use three outstanding platforms to keep everything straight and on time!

Attracting clients to your real estate business in London Ontario

We make it easy for buyers and sellers to get as much information as they need easily and quickly; our website and pages (which each team member has, and you can too!) are among the many ways we attract qualified buyers and sellers.