What Questions Should I Ask In My Real Estate Interview?

August 23, 2023

Is a Real Estate Career For You

There are 97 questions you should ask when interviewing real estate companies or teams before joining them as a Realtor in London, Ontario.

If I were ever to switch to a real estate brokerage, the 97th question I would want to get answered first!

Are you in the real estate agent business or the real estate business of helping buyers and sellers? (Most real estate brokerages are in the real estate agent business; in other words, their income and profit come from the commission splits, dues, franchise fees, copier costs, etc. and monthly payments!)

Many new licensees or those wanting to switch to a Real Estate Company in London, Ontario, to affiliate with often aren’t prepared to pick the right combination of company and broker of record for their particular personality.

Here are the 97 Questions

In truth, the residential real estate industry needs a better track record of developing systems to help new and experienced people make more educated decisions about who they ought to join.