Why 80-90% Of Realtors Leave The Business Within Two Years

December 8, 2022

Where have Realtors messed up before two years

The main reason 80-90% of new Realtors leave the business within two years, and before five years, another 50%-60% do is they underestimate the time, energy, effort and finances to build a sustainable business.

The second reason is they do not treat their real estate career as a business.

The third is handling losses, disappointments, discouragement and immature expectations that real estate sales are glamorous or easy!

Whose fault is that? Before anyone makes excuses or blames their brokerage or management, the economy or the market, perhaps facing the reality that true, long-lasting success in anything is not easy.

I do not know who said this but here goes: ” Nothing happens to me; it is because of me!”.