Why Would An Experienced Realtor Join Another Brokerage In London Ontario

January 25, 2022

Unlock Your Potential as a Realtor in London Ontario

What is an experienced Realtor looking for when choosing where they work? Most say it is the fees, commission splits etc., but it is all about value.

The only costs, fees, or splits that don’t work for Realtors are the costs, fees, or splits in a company that doesn’t give a Realtor a return on their investment, more trades. It’s not about the technology, office location, marketing, socializing or the training.

It’s about inspiring & coaching an experienced Realtor to increase their business and quality of life beyond where it is now. It’s about helping them in all areas of their business, keeping them in the game and growing their skills. It’s about developing a business plan & coaching them through the year to achieve their goals.

A significant meaning of value: “a person’s principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgment of what is important in life.”

I offer value.