Why Would An Experienced Realtor Join Another Brokerage In London Ontario

March 7, 2023

switching rea estate brokerages in London Ontario


What is an experienced Realtor looking for when choosing which brokerage they work for? Most say fees, commission splits, support, or switching is too embarrassing.

It is all about value!

The only costs, fees, or splits that don’t work for Realtors are those in a company that doesn’t give a Realtor a return on their investment of time, energy and Realtor expenses. It’s not about the technology, office location, marketing, socializing with other low-income or struggling Realtors or the hyped ineffective training.

100% of zero is still zero, as is a 95/5 split. 80/20 split and even a 50/50 split. The outcome is still mediocre!

It’s about showing and helping an experienced Realtor how to increase their business and quality of life beyond where it is now. It’s about helping them in all areas of their business, especially finances and time freedom, keeping them in the game as a winner and not sitting on the bench or whining at the local pub!

It’s about developing a personal strategy, tracking and accountability to achieve their best self and create wealth for their family and the ability to exit the business when they want to and still have passive income.

The ultimate judge and jury of value in your career in real estate is not your parents, spouse, children, or friends; it is the marketplace. Your bank account is a good judge too!