Why Your Phone Is Your Optimal Real Estate Tool

March 18, 2023

Why your mobile phone is one of the best tools for Realtors

Do you want your database to be YOUR database or just a bunch of contacts you send information to, hoping to get some business, but if they chose a Realtor, it would be your competitor instead of you?

Here’s the differentiator; the telephone. Realtors continue to move further and further away from the oldest, most powerful tool in our industry because they assume they can rely on technology, it is called a phone for a reason, he or she who has the conversation wins!

The phone is your most powerful tool in this process simply because few competitors use it. You may have to leave voicemails but at least you are leaving a voicemail. If you were sending value-based information to buyers and sellers, you will have a significant advantage in the conversation.

Could you make it a practice to call ten people daily for five days a week? You will have called 200 people in your database at the end of the month. How about this, at the end of the year, you will have called 2,400.

Don’t have a database? Tsk tsk tsk! Watch for one of my tips; your database is your goldmine!

Think about this, if you could have a conversation with added value to 100 people a year or 1000 people, where would your business be?

Would you agree that you may have a dramatically different outcome with your business if you implement this system?